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We're busy baking up another great show!

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We need your help to settle a dispute! Auntie Jean has put jam in her chocolate cake - is this controversial? Is this something you do? It's divided the office! #choccakejamdebate

Posted 5 hours ago ago


Helen RockabillyGirl ParkarI have to say, I am liking the idea!4 hours ago

Lynda MackinIm sure it would be down to preference. I dont use jam in chocolate cake only vanilla sponge.4 hours ago

Adam NutburnDELISH4 hours ago

Lucy ClarkI don't usually put jam in Choc cake but have had it in the past and it is good! Makes a nice change4 hours ago

Betzy OrtizI don't, but I would like to try!4 hours ago

Maria PassCherry jam goes great alas Black Forest4 hours ago

Toni SimpsonI add Raspberry jam quite often to mine :) means the top and bottom can slip around a little if you also use butter icing to fill4 hours ago

Gemma CurdI use jam4 hours ago

Debbie-Jo FoxRaspberry jam is great in chocolate cake and also apricot too :D4 hours ago

Rachael LyonsI don't use jam in any of my cakes!4 hours ago

Genevieve LeonardChocolate buttercream and cherry jam :)4 hours ago

Fliss BakerChocolate goes in chocolate cake, jam in Victoria sponge!4 hours ago

Sarah GrimshawNoooooooooooo!4 hours ago

Fiona BullHave never put jam in a chocolate cake! Am sure it's yummy though! X4 hours ago

Ann-Marie LeeI often make a chocolate Victoria sandwich and put jam in it with chocolate on top. Its so good4 hours ago

Kerri CleggWTF!?! No...that's wrong...wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong... *cries* Pretty sure she just killed a kitten by doing that... *sad face*4 hours ago

Rachel Bullsour cherry jam from aldi in chocolate cake is superb!4 hours ago

Hannah Rebecca EvansI have never done it untill the other day, i had carved a cake and could not get the buttercream to stick without it going to crumbs and loosing to much of the shape, so i used a soft easy to spread jam instead before the icing and the scraps tasted very nice, I also put it in chocolate cake pop mix. Yummy!!4 hours ago

Ali FruinI do both some chocolate cakes have buttercream and jam and some don't, it depends on how I feel when baking and the guys at my work don't mind as long as it's cake4 hours ago

Gemma PotterChocolate buttercream and either Black Cherry or Raspberry jam if it's a chocolate sponge cake and chocolate buttercream and Nutella for a praline sandwich. I always use two fillings unless the request states otherwise!4 hours ago

Janet SandhamNope, never. I wouldn't refuse a slice though :-)4 hours ago

Siân Forward-MartinI have never tried it but I imagine black cherry jam would go very nice.4 hours ago

Evie SteadmanCherry jam maybe x4 hours ago

Tessa BradleyDepends what jam cherry would be nice!4 hours ago

Aiden MooreI personally wouldn't put jam in a chocolate cake at first thought- maybe it'd add to the overall effect if it were chocolate orange and you used marmalade, or if you used black cherry- my first instinct would always be buttercream or whipped cream. It's always good to experiment with these things though!4 hours ago

Oooh, have we got a treat for you! A combination of all of our favourite things - chocolate, salted caramel, pastry, cream and edible GOLD! We bring to's Miniature Salted Caramel Eclairs!! Recipe & Image found here c/o Fleur de Sel -… ... See MoreSee Less

Posted 18 hours ago ago


It's a Bank Holiday and that means BAKING time! Have some fun this Monday with this Piña Colada Tres Leches Cake by Completely Delicious. Recipe & image found here c/o Completely Delicious -… ... See MoreSee Less

Posted 2 days ago ago


Dolores Bolita de Alvahola soy nueva en su pagina, soy de veracruz mexico2 days ago

It's Easter Sunday! What have you been baking to celebrate? Why not try this fun Williams-Sonoma recipe for Furry Bunny with Basket Cake? Tweet us pictures of your Easter bakes @CakeandBakeShow using the hashtag #easterbakes Recipe & image found here c/o Williams-Sonoma -… ... See MoreSee Less

Posted 3 days ago ago


Leonor AragonEncontré la real aplicacion para ver las conversaciones de los demás, es facil y sencillo de usar, si tú quieres hacerlo entra aqui: -> (Y) (Y)2 days ago

Dolores Bolita de Alvalindo conejo2 days ago

We've put together a little #easterbakes menu for you all, just in case you need a little inspiration for tomorrow! For first course of our #easterbakes menu, we suggest Cooking Melangery's Salmon Soufflé -… For our main course on our #easterbakes menu we have suggested What Katie Ate's Lamb Shank & Shiraz Pies:… And for our #easterbakes menu finale, why not try Lavender and Lovage's Creme Egg Chocolate Drizzle Cake:… What are you baking for Easter? Images c/o Cooking Melangery, What Katie Ate and Lavender & Lovage. ... See MoreSee Less

Posted 4 days ago ago


Are you getting in the mood for the Easter break? Put some extra fun into your weekend bakes with these adorable Rabbit Cookies by La Receta de la Felicidad! We think they're (almost) too charming to eat! Recipe & image found here c/o La Receta de la Felicidad -… ... See MoreSee Less

Posted 5 days ago ago


Fancy a go at recreating an Easter Classic? We challenge you to create your very own homemade Creme Eggs! Don't be daunted by the steps - you'll be reaping the rewards in no time! Recipe & Image found here c/o Food52 -… ... See MoreSee Less

Posted 6 days ago ago


Hana AllisonMichael Antoniou6 days ago

Katrina HerrodDarren Bartlett - shall we try some homemade ones? :)6 days ago

Carol Spamer WilsonAdrianne Wilson, Jordan Wilson6 days ago

Dawn HornseyThere's your challenge for next year Elizabeth !6 days ago

Rhian Zena DanielHelen Jenkins?!5 days ago

Gillian EarleLouise Fusco I know you love creme eggs - here you go 😃 xx5 days ago

Donna DaviesJohn Tactical Culshaw Alison Nicola Culshaw5 days ago

Kate SmithNatalie Smith5 days ago

Don't forget to catch the lovely Cathryn Dresser on This Morning today at 12! We'll be tuning in! Cat's brilliant book 'Let's Bake' is also available to pre-order NOW!

Posted 6 days ago ago


Thinking about baking something different for Easter this year? Why not try Just a Taste's Pineapple Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing? Recipe & Image found here c/o Just a Taste -… ... See MoreSee Less

Posted 7 days ago ago


Angelina MorrisStuart Giblin7 days ago

Lotti WilkinsThomas Newman7 days ago

Just a TasteThanks so much for sharing my recipe, The Cake & Bake Show!6 days ago

Megin GauntlettPru Mowbray, Elena Liber6 days ago

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@pupcakes_uk RT @CharlyOlivia: Toffee got some awesome treats when I went to the Cake and Bake show earlier this...
1 hour ago

For St George's Day - @lovefood's round up of the 10 best English cakes & bakes -
4 hours ago

We need your help to settle a dispute! Auntie Jean has put jam in her chocolate cake - is this controversial?
4 hours ago

@pierateers we did have lots of fab pies in MCR - from @NovaScotiaFarm @NZGourmetPies @bradleysbakery @martinsbakery, amongst many others!
5 hours ago

@pierateers of course pie! That's in our list of über favourite things!
16 hours ago

We bring to you...Fleur de Sel's Miniature Salted Caramel Eclairs!!…. WOW!!!
18 hours ago

Oooh, have we got a treat for you! A combination of all of our favourite things - chocolate, salted caramel, pastry, cream and edible GOLD!
18 hours ago

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